Through Hollywood Casting and Film, actors receive audition opportunities, network with talented filmmakers, perform for working professionals in the TV/Film industry, and become part of a passionate, online community of artists.

A Better Way to Succeed as an Actor

On most casting websites, actors are treated as freelance performers, only asked to show up for rehearsals, and on the day of the shoot. With Hollywood Casting and Film, actors become a part of the creative development process, teaming up with promising filmmakers to present their work to TV/Film execs looking to discover, hire, or collaborate with new talent.

How our Service Works

Through Hollywood Casting and Film, actors all over the USA can audition for films. Equally important- once actors have been cast in our productions, they participate in a variety of talent showcases, table reads, and online events designed to help them consistently meet new writers, directors, and producers. By combining casting services with consistent opportunities to professionally network, we've created a way for artists to audition for better filmmakers, while steadily expanding their industry contacts.

HC&F is excited to be offering this service because it gives actors more agency and recognition during the casting process, and enables actors and filmmakers to frequently network with one another, eventually creating an online community of artists looking to create their best work.

A Better Service through Partnerships

filmocracy partner partner-shift partner

HC&F is proud to be partnered with Filmocracy and SHIFT. Through these partnerships, we’re able to find the best filmmakers, while finding a home for their films.

Why career-Minded Artists Love HC&F

At HC&F, we believe that there's simply a better way for career-minded actors and filmmakers to work together. Rather than insist that actors and filmmakers continue to exist in a state of creative isolation, HC&F is constantly bringing artists together to network, collaborate, and workshop new ideas.

What they’re saying

Hollywood Casting & Film has been a really good resource as an actor. Unique casting opportunities for many different types of projects. I recently worked on an HCandF production and it was an amazing experience with an awesome crew!

- Reid Miller

HCandF Member
Membership gave me great ammunition for my acting career. I've gotten a ton of auditions and booked several roles in a very short amount of time. The website is super easy to use and the staff at HCandF is very friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

Carrie Daniel

HCandF Member
I've been a member of HC&F since they opened, and I've landed several projects through their service. They create so many opportunities for actors, writers, filmmakers, and producers. The membership is so well worth it.

- Roger Rignack

HCandF Member
Hollywood Casting and Film has provided me a warm, friendly, professional atmosphere for self-tapes and auditions. Being a member is great - as I get to audition for projects that I otherwise would not hear of.

- Sheila Thiele

HCandF Member
Two of my children are HCandF members. I can tell anyone who may or may not be on the fence about joining, please jump off the fence and hop on board. Within the 30 day free trial period alone, my children were invited to audition numerous times

– Maxine Telford Wolf

HCandF Member