Hollywood Casting and Film

Free casting studio space for filmmakers and actors.

For Filmmakers:

After the script is written and your vision is complete, visit Hollywood Casting and Film (HCandF) to host a casting session in our free space. You'll get a chance to bring in actors to audition, tap into the HCandF actor network, and use our professional-grade lighting and camera equipment. There's no easier way to cast your film and get your project started.

For Actors:

As an HCandF member, every project you audition for is worthy of your time and talents. Our actors can audition for featured projects from a myriad of talented filmmakers, or even the occasional HCandF in-house production. Click here to activate your free one-month trial and elevate your acting career today!

What's Happening Now at HCandF:

One Under The Sun, a SAG drama/thriller feature film written and directed by Vincent Tran, is in pre-production and casting has begun. Accepting submissions now.