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Our Approach

Hollywood Casting and Film doesn't just provide audition opportunities, we also produce content in-house, providing more opportunities for our actors to work.

Q : How Do I Submit to Auditions?

A: To submit to auditions, login, and you will automatically be taken to the "Submit" page. The filter fields, which filter roles that are only right for you, will already be filled in the filter fields.
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A: Most of the time, filmmakers "opt in" to receiving remote auditions. If a filmmaker is accepting remote auditions, a "REMOTE AUDITIONS" button will appear on your auditions page.
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A: Login, click "view profile" and then you should see buttons (add resume/add reel) to your profile. Watch this quick video for a visual representation:

A. As a free member, filmmakers will be able to find you on our site. As a premium member, which is always free for the first month, and $13.95 each subsequent month, you'll be able to submit to auditions, attend auditions, record remote auditions, and autosubmit to projects. Our service is designed to provide actors experiences that help them hone their craft, as well as resources (reel editing, IMDB Credit, Exposure) to continue to build your career.
A: You can find your recorded audition videos by clicking your “My Auditions” button, and then filtering for "completed" videos.
A: If you are selected for a role, you will receive an email with the subject line "You've been Invited to Audition".
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