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At HCandF, we work hard to connect actors and filmmakers all over the US. And No other casting website makes it easier to audition remotely (on smartphones).

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Get More Auditions

Tired of getting lost in the shuffle on some of the mega-casting websites? At HCandF, we work hard to make sure that all of our members receive auditions in or near their home towns.

Audition in the Room, or On the Web

Our site is designed for actors who can’t always be
present during an audition, and for filmmakers who want
to avoid the costs of renting casting rooms. With
HCandF, You can connect to talent online, and through
your smartphone

The LA Advantage
Because we have a studio in Los Angeles, premium LA members also receive free unlimited self-taping services, and can access all of their audition videos online, within minutes of recording.

Our Talent Summit

For premium members and filmmakers, we hold talent summits, enabling actors and filmmakers to perform in front of influential casting directors, directors, and producers. Click here to learn more.

Autosubmit to Many Projects at Once

At HCandF studios, we've created a convenient way for you to submit to multiple projects at once. After you've created your online profile on our website, premium members can "auto-submit" for every project that matches their age, ethnicity,
and union status with the click of one button. Our auto-submit tool is a great way to save time, and make sure you're not missing out on any opportunities.

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After serving many happy actors, and earning a 4.5 star review on Yelp!, we’re confident you'll love our service and find it incredibly useful! You’ll unlock all of the benefits listed below free for 30 days.

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Your first 30 days of premium membership are free.