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"Hauth" AT&T Create-a-thon Short Film Competition

Shoots May 17, 2019

Expires on 17th May 2019 in Inglewood

Seeking Submissions from: Los Angeles

Short Film Non union

Hauth an agent for the local police force is meeting with a long time and secret client, Valerie. She is to be bringing him information that could help him close the case on the murder of someone with great importance.

Production Company

California Filmmakers Network/ Jessica Brown


Hauth is a detective within a busy, New Orleans police force. He is aged from life experience and doesn't appear to have time for jokes. He is serious about his job and his dedication to his city is what makes him one of the best officers on the force. He refuses to wear the officer uniform, opting to wear suits.

Ethnicity: African American

Pay: Deferred

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Valerie is the daughter of a man with extreme wealth. Her father had disappeared and she has been trying to locate him for several years. She isn't sure if she can trust Hauth. She has lost faith in most of her friends and family. Leaving her country and trying to establish a quiet life in the states has not been easy.

Ethnicity: ambiguous

Pay: Deferred

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Casting Date

May 8th 2019, May 9th 2019

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