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"Rocket Robinson Meets the Double Daring Devil"

Shoots May 31, 2019

Expires on 31st May 2019 in Los Angeles Area, Potentially Long Beach, transportation provided as needed within LA/OC area.
Seeking Submissions from: Riverside/San Bernadino/Ontario,San Diego/San Marcos/Carlsbad,Fresno,Bakersfield,Modesto,Merced,Chico,Los Angeles

Short Film Non union

Part of Hollywood Casting and Film's internship program! A tribute to the superhero and action film serials of the 1930s and 1940s, while also doing what the filmmakers of the time could only dream of! Goals include to expand this short film into a miniseries as well as other multimedia, so I would prefer someone who would be committed to expanding these roles in the near future. 1939: Tuskegee Institute student scientist NICK "ROCKET" ROBINSON has just become a true-to-life rocketman after meeting refugees from the planet Venus, and has been tasked with tracking down Axis spies in America. Meanwhile in Los Angeles, ARTHUR CHANG, a Nissei chauffeur pretending to be Cantonese to better blend in, moonlights as the vigilante DOUBLE DARING DEVIL, with the assistance of his sidekick PERRY CHASE, a journalist, newsreel star, and heir to the vast Chase Publishing empire, someday. After an incident at the 1939 World's Fair, the Double Daring Devil mistakes Rocket Robinson for a Nazi saboteur, and makes a plan with Perry to stop the rocketman by any means necessary.

Production Company

Irrational International/Hollywood Casting and Film


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