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'Comfort in Shadows'

Shoots May 10, 2019

Expires on 10th May 2019 in Los Angeles

Short Film Non union

Comfort in shadows film synopsis. Ali Esbai Mariam is on her way to camp in the desert with her baby cousin Sarah and friends. It’s Mariam’s first time out of the Arabian Gulf and she feels a little overwhelmed when her cousin and friends start drinking before they even arrive at the camp. She volunteers to drive for them and they’re more than happy to accept. On the way, Sarah makes a remark about Mariam being a little religious and Mariam adamantly denies that she is. During the argument, something crosses the road and Mariam runs it over! She thinks she hit a man... but when they check the car, they find an oversized goats leg. They chuck it to the side of the road and move on. At the camp. Mariam has visions about herself being run over and when Sarah offers her a drink to relax... she decides to let go of her fears and inhibitions and indulge. When she does, a Stranger joins their midst from the darkness. He has a guitar slung behind his back, and walks with a limp. He plays them a mesmerizing song and it enchants them. Mariam has visions of herself kissing Sarah’s boyfriend. When she tries to shake them off, she notices that the Strangers leg is the leg of a goat. She tries to warn Sarah and the others but when she does, the Strangers legs appear normal. After several more visions and an altercation with Sarah. Mariam believes her visions and realizes that the Stranger is Djinn, acknowledging their existence according to her Islamic faith and begins to chant islamic verses to ward him off. At that point, she suddenly wakes up in a hospital bed and the doctor treating her is the same Stranger she saw in the desert. Realizing that she’s been in an accident and trapped between life and death and the events have all been happening in a state of purgatory in her mind.

Production Company

New York Film Academy


JIM : mid to late 20’s : Ethnicity: open He grew up in southern California under very cool and hip parenting. Always the guy that rounds up the group and decides what parties and activities they’ll get up to... and they love him for it. A big fan of the outdoors. His favorite drink... cold beer. With a side of female if available. He’s very talkative and loves to meet new people from different parts of the world. He can sometimes be obnoxious but it doesn’t bother him much as he’s got loads of friends that letting go of a few doesn’t hurt him or bring down his cool meter. Especially because his best friend Alex has always been around and moved with him from group to group.

Ethnicity: Any

Pay: Deferred

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ALEX : mid to late 20’s : Ethnicity: open The son of an ex-football player. He’s great in any sport or physical activity and is usually the guy brought on to make the group look a little more badass with him lurking in the background. He doesn’t usually like calling the shots or making decisions, but rather just goes with the flow. He met his girlfriend Samantha about 4 years ago at one of his friend Jim’s random parties. She had weed... he had paper... and the rest was history. He’s not very talkative but can sometimes have random odd humor that gets him into trouble with Samantha. The trouble never lasts though as they have been into each other the same way they’ve always been, and there’s nothing a good lovemaking session can’t fix.

Ethnicity: Any

Pay: Deferred

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