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Shoots April 19, 2019

Expires on 19th April 2019 in Los Angeles
Seeking Submissions from: Los Angeles

Web Series Union or non-union PAID

Afro-Eccentric mixes “Girlfriends” with “Broad City” to create your next in-your-face comedy. Afro-Eccentric is a light hearted and ridiculously funny show meant to bring light to the underrepresented and very diverse side of what it means to be Black in America; told through the unique perspective of Late-Millennials and Post-Millennials. Centered around the everyday shenanigans of four young Black women, most of whom attended HBCUs, and their experiences together after a year of living in Los Angeles post-graduation. Episodes are procedural and have a comedic style and tone similar to ‘Broad City’ but matched with cultural influences more in line with ‘Girlfriends.’ In The City of Angels will appeal to a young adult audience through it’s perspective and the way it accurately portrays their way of thinking, views on modern culture and how they react to current events in the technological age.

Production Company

Afro Eccentric Productions


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