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Blue Cheese

Shoots February 5, 2021

Expires on 5th February 2021 in Los Angeles

Seeking Submissions from: Los Angeles

Short Film Union or non-union Paid

Life as a sex worker is seen through the eyes of a young college student, seeking to not only leave the life, but also leave her boyfriend / pimp. In the early morning in the San Fernando Valley, Mary-Beth decides to take an incall from a potential suitor. Instead of meeting the client at a hotel or a separate location, she invites him over to her and Lucas’ small apartment. After the visit, the client quickly steals the money back and runs. With no option left but to tell Lucas that not only did she lose the money that would have helped pay their rent, but she slept with this man in their home, Lucas snaps. After a volatile argument, Mary-Beth informs Lucas that this was her last client and she’s out of the game. Lucas refuses to hear it, leaving Mary-Beth to ponder on not only her relationship with sex work but her relationship with her partner.

Production Company

J. W. Frank productions


A white 20-year-old college student who dreams of making it in the world of fashion design, but for the time being to make ends meet, is a full-time escort. Due to a fallout with her mother and with the resentment of never meeting her father, on her 18th birthday, she decides to move in with her boyfriend, Lucas. After a tormenting year in the business and getting accepted into the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, she decides it’s time to move on from escorting and Lucas.

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Pay: $125 flat rate per day. Plus Copy, Credit, Meal, Transportation comp.

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A white 19-year-old college student who is currently Mary-Beth’s boyfriend and for all intents and purposes, pimp. Blessed with a natural charismatic charm and the gift of gab, for his entire life Lucas has always been able to compel others to his will. He’s so good at it that he tries not to question it. After a rent increase and relationship turmoil, he begins to notice his former vice-like grip on Mary-Beth beginning to fade. With their future in doubt, he risks and fears losing her forever. In his mind, whether he loves her or not is irrelevant. Can he hold onto her is the real question.

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Pay: $125 flat day rate. Plus copy, credit, meal, transportation comp.

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The protagonists client that rips her off.

Ethnicity: African American

Pay: Deferred

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