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Christmas In The Country

Shoots April 25, 2020

Expires on 25th April 2020 in United States/Canada

Feature Film Union or non-union

Two strangers in a restaurant. The place is extremely busy and there was no place to sit so they share a table. They talk about what this particular holiday season has in store for them. Neither of them have a partner to spend the time with. Both of them are extremely busy with their jobs and worry if they will ever meet someone. During this conversation they realize they have one common goal and that is to help out at the homeless shelter like the male character does every year. Each year the male character changes the Christmas theme. Last year it was Hawaiian and this year it is country. They enjoy bringing friends and family and a community together when their homeless friends are in a desperate situation. They have the same interests and believe in the same ideals. Their focus is mainly helping the homeless and when all is said and done, they realize that they are meant for each other.

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