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Eartha Kitt Film Project

Shoots December 7, 2020

Expires on 7th December 2020 in Los Angeles

Feature Film Union or non-union Paid

An artistic biographical presentation of the life of the iconic Eartha Kitt.

Production Company



Age is open, range between age 8-12 to play 7 years old. This is a CHALLENGING and very significant role for a young actor, with a very long monologue. It will require an unusually mature acting capability. The director is looking for a young actor with a strong and assertive presence. We are seeking a reasonable look-alike for Eartha Kitt as a child (see photo, though this is probably ~10 years old) Complex ion should be on light side, red hair is a plus, thin build, below 5 feet tall. (Eartha was a small and slender child, as an adult she was only 5'2").

Ethnicity: African American

Pay: TBD low budget non-union rate

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The starring role in the Eartha Kitt Movie project. This is a very demanding role that requires an exceptional actor who is also an accomplished dancer and vocalist. Eartha Kitt is one of American entertainment's true triple threats. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, she was synonymous with seductive sophistication in popular mainstream and Black media. She appears throughout the entire script and articulates moments from her life. She interacts via drama or dance with every other character. The actor must do several NON lip-sync vocal performances. Eartha Kitt has a unique voice and idiom in both her vocal performances and her speaking voice. The actor must be able to approximate Eartha's idiom while still making the part her own. NOTE: THIS AUDITION WILL REQUIRE A DEMONSTRATION OF DANCE ABILITY AND VOCAL ABILITY. PREPARE A SHORT (MAX 1 MINUTE) DANCE ROUTINE, AND BE PREPARED TO SING A-CAPPELLA "I WANT TO BE EVIL" OR "C'EST SI BON" download link to these are on the sides.

Ethnicity: African American

Pay: TBD low budget non-union rate

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