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Every Night I See Them

Shoots October 16, 2020

Expires on 16th October 2020 in Upland CA

Seeking Submissions from: Riverside/San Bernadino/Ontario,Los Angeles

Short Film Non union Paid

Synopsis: Trent calls his best friend over to help him stay awake so that he won’t have to see “them” again. • Genre: Horror • Tone: Dialogue driven, gritty, paranormal • Production Type: Independent Short Film (5 minutes) • Shooting Day(s): 1 Day Shoot; 12 hours • Shooting Date: October 16th, 2020 • On-set Safety: Covid-19 conscious. Face coverings required (unless on screen.) Physical distancing enforced. Temperature checks upon entry. Crafty and lunch pre-packaged. Hand sanitizing stations. Outdoor area provided for down-time.

Production Company

Ryan Godoy


It’s been one year since his wife died and he’s seeing things again. Now his main goal is to stay awake at all costs because every time he dozes off, they get closer. Anxious and sleep deprived.

Ethnicity: Any

Pay: $175

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Brody just wants to help his friend. He is concerned for his friend, Trent's, mental and physical health. Trent is sleep deprived and Brody does not feel like staying up awake even longer is a good idea. Clean-cut and collected.

Ethnicity: Any

Pay: $175

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