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Shoots February 27, 2017

Expires on 27th February 2017 in LA

Seeking Submissions from: Los Angeles

Feature Film Non union Paid

Infamous is a black and white drama/thriller about an aging rock musician who owns a hair salon, coming to terms with becoming irrelevant, as he meets a young man who is actually a psycho obsessed fan.

Production Company

Daisy Eagle Films


Wife of the lead character, who is a rock and roll musician, they own a hair salon. Cecily is beautiful, sarcastic and witty, and has a strong relationship with her husband. Until a mysterious young man starts to ruin their lives....

Ethnicity: Any

Pay: Deferred

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Javy is a good looking musician but also obsessed rock and roll fan of the lead character. He is obsessed with him and tries to ruin his life. He is crazy, like Jeykyll and Hyde two-faced. Gets in big fight scene and dies at the end.

Ethnicity: Any

Pay: no-low pay

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Can play mid to late 50's to 60's. Rock and Roll music manager.

Ethnicity: Any

Pay: no-low pay

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Casting Date

Jan 20th 2017

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