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Laugh Now, Cry Later

Shoots June 28, 2019

Expires on 28th June 2019 in Burbank
Seeking Submissions from: Los Angeles

Short Film Union or non-union

This a student thesis production from New York Film Academy. Isaac Morris is an aspiring, optimistic-comedian still trying to find his place in life. The modern world he encounters is far from idealistic as he observes his peers commit their lives to jobs they hate yet provides them with financial stability. His girlfriend, Trista, and his Father pressure him to pursue a career deprived of passion. This story is an insightful, funny and realistic look into the life of a young comedian’s journey of self discovery and unyielding commitment to his craft. Isaac is witty and extremely perceptive. His honesty and unique sense of humor make his observational style of comedy even more delightful. His girlfriend, Trista, is hard-working and career oriented. She adores Isaac but views his passion for stand up as an immature phase in life and pushes him to strive for more prominent career goals. When Isaac’s boss— Mr. Morris, gives him the shot he’s been dreaming of, he finds himself faced with a life-altering decision; should he go after his dreams or save his relationship with Trista.

Production Company

New York Film Academy


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