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Mom's Tantrum

Shoots August 10, 2019

Expires on 10th August 2019 in Los Angeles
Seeking Submissions from: Los Angeles

Short Film Non union PAID

Mom's Tantrum Project is an artistic manifesto. Motherhood is always portrayed in a pure and holy feminine bless. But there's another side of motherhood, hidden, forbidden. The borderline between sanity and madness. The contemporary obsession for perfection and happiness is covering and oppressing many feelings. The way our society is set, drive mothers to an overwhelming job. Angry, depression, hopeless, hate and others feelings that if not released, can evolve to mental and health issues. TANTRUM # 01 - TEDDY'S FAITH In a warehouse or a basement, a woman drags something. The camera follows her. Her face shows effort. Wide shot. The woman pulls a giant teddy bear. She drops the arm of the teddy bear and gets a kitchen's knife. She walks around the Teddy and starts stabbing the thing. She cuts his belly, guts and blood come out. The woman performs a choreography, brutal, but beautiful. She finishes her job. Exhausted. Completely covered by blood. A couple of shots of her walking on the streets. (LA downtown) Lights of the police car light her face. Sound of a siren. Cut to black.

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