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My Name Here

Shoots February 18, 2018

Expires on 18th February 2018 in Los Angeles - Fairfax

Seeking Submissions from: Los Angeles

Short Film Non union Paid

TYNACIOUS CREATIONS, LLC. is gearing up for its first official production, a comedy short titled MY NAME HERE. This is a screwball comedy where Tylar, a young woman, becomes overwhelmed while dining seeing as almost no one she encounters cares to say nor spell her name correctly. With her girlfriend Jelly aiding her side, Tylar must wade through the confusion to make ends meet, receive the meal she ordered, and retain her sanity.

Production Company



Void Listing

Ethnicity: Asian

Pay: Void Listing

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Male, late 20s-mid 30s, Asian or White. Dresses like Mr. Rogers, carries a 90’s Spacemaker filled with art supplies. He appears to be in his own world even when interacting with others. Although it is unclear what line of business he is in, he does not seem to be the best at keeping track of his enterprise. He’d rather be liked and admired than being a simple professional.

Ethnicity: Asian

Pay: Deferred

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White woman. Diner waitress attire. She is smiley and physically present, but her mental presence and consideration for others is questionable. She is a go for what you know type and just wants to get through her shift with using the path of least resistance and effort. Patience is not her greatest suit.

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Pay: Deferred

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Queer black woman, mid to late 20s. She dons a more business casual attire. Tylar is her girlfriend and business partner. She has a no nonsense demeanor and is very loyal to her mate, though she may express a minor jealous streak seeing her mate interact with people unfamiliar to her. She just wants to make sure business is good, always good.

Ethnicity: African American

Pay: Deferred

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Casting Date

Feb 8th 2018, Feb 9th 2018

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