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Pray for Prey

Shoots May 25, 2019

Expires on 25th May 2019 in Dallas, TX

Seeking Submissions from: Dallas/Forth Worth

Short Film Non union

A not so holier than thou priest reluctantly finds it in his heart to pick up hitchhikers. Even if he needs a higher power's protection, does he deserve it...

Production Company

Austen Robertson (Filmmaker)


A priest who feels he has lost his way spiritually. Michael frequently sees himself losing sight of God and ignores reminders of his self loathing past he quite literally wears on his whiskey soaked sleeve. Equal parts insecurity and rough around the edges defensiveness.

Ethnicity: Any

Pay: Deferred

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An on the surface bubbly girl who simply seems quizzically but slowly reveals her malicious and methodical nature.

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Pay: Deferred

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A man who's worked his scheme down to such a T, he has grown complacent/arrogant of his act.

Ethnicity: Any

Pay: Deferred

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Casting Date

May 19th 2019

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