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Something Real

Shoots November 7, 2020

Expires on 7th November 2020 in Los Angeles, California
Seeking Submissions from: Los Angeles

Web Series Union or non-union PAID

In a world where people would rather watch your highlight reel on Instagram than get to know the real you, connect through text messages instead of phone calls, date a robot instead of a human being (Seriously, this is happening), and sit on a train ride to work with hundreds of other people and never say one word, is a world that has lost it’s capacity and ability to connect with others. It is a world that is searching, wanting, exploring, and ultimately failing at connecting with something real. Real love, real friendship, real passion, real career, real dreams, real connection, and real moments. Something real is a web-series that will follow the lives of three black millennial women—June, Rossi, and Shayla. These women will fight the biggest of battles, journey the longest of roads, and enjoy the most heartfelt laughs and experiences one can have. They learn what it means to truly become the most authentic versions of themselves and how to choose real when fake seems to be embraced in every avenue of life. Something Real is a story about three black millennial women and the strength it takes to remove the blinders of fake connection in order to embrace what may be hard, what may be harsh, what may be hectic, because in the end it is also healing, worth it, and very very very real. What are we willing to go through in order to have what we say we want? This is the question that is asked in various ways throughout this series.

Production Company

TrdMrk Productions


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