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Sorry - Music Video For 'The Shadow Heist'

Shoots October 24, 2015

Expires on 24th October 2015 in Various

Seeking Submissions from: Los Angeles

Music Video Non union Paid

Music video for the band 'The Shadow Heist's song 'Sorry'. I'm looking for an actress to play the lead role (girlfriend) who is adept in alternative/contemporary dancing as it is an integral part of the video. Scenes include but are not limited to: fight scene with boyfriend, a bar scene where you catch your boyfriend with another woman, dancing scene (expressing emotions of heart ache/pain/sadness), and other various shots.

Production Company

Lara Aslanian Films


Strong, independent young woman who is completely committed to her boyfriend. She is very in touch with her emotions and expresses them through dance. Although she may seem fine on the outside, upon discovering her boyfriends infidelity, she is completely crestfallen on the inside and is only able to get her emotions out through dancing.

Ethnicity: Any

Pay: $100 for 2-3 VERY short film days. On the band's micro budget.

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You will be one of the 4 hotel goers enjoying yourself with your friends in the hotel!

Ethnicity: Any

Pay: TBA

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This character plays the son of our main character. We will have a very powerful scene where he is hitting a punching bag taking out all of his frustrations with where he is in his life.

Ethnicity: ambiguous

Pay: Deferred

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