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The Matchmaker

Shoots June 8, 2019

Expires on 8th June 2019 in San Diego

Feature Film Non union Paid

Genre: Romantic Christmas Comedy LOGLINE: A famous NFL star looses his connection with family and community. His mother helps bring him back to his roots and his first love. The Matchmaker, is a funny heart-felt comedy and a love story that touches the soul. LISA COLONS and JAY JOHNSON were high school and college sweethearts that parted ways in college over a diabolical lie Jay’s best friend Chris made up. Jay’s mother, Mom Johnson was the common thread between the once was lovers, and they both stopped speaking to her in efforts to avoid each other. Lisa and Jay are very successful in their careers. Jay is a NFL football star and Lisa is a high profile attorney. However, they are both unlucky at love. Several years have passed since they have seen each other. It’s Mom Johnson’s 50th birthday party and her only wish is for family and friends to get together for a dinner at her house. Mom Johnson invites Lisa and Jay to the dinner unbeknownst to the two of them. Dad Johnson is against Mom Johnson’s playing matchmaker, but her plan sparks an idea to plan his own match making scheme. He wants his annoying sister-n-law out the house, so he invites his friend Charlie to flirt his way into matrimony with Barbara. But will it backfire on him? It’s the day of the party and all hell breaks loose. No one is expecing what happens next. Secrets unveiled, hearts are broken, and a lesson learned, Never underestimate the power of LOVE.

Production Company

Predestined Entertainment LLC


(30's) Naturally beautiful, African American (shade of color vanilla-dark-skinned), a business professional look. Lisa works hard to mask the fact that she hasn't gotten over her break up. She lies to herself about it.

Ethnicity: African American

Pay: 1,000.00, deferred, 2,500.00

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(30s) fit, physically shapely, 5'3-5'5. Kim Kardashian look - mixed with African American. Crafty and shady. Does anything to get and keep her man.

Ethnicity: ambiguous

Pay: $600.00

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