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X Files - Paper Clip

Shoots May 27, 2019

Expires on 27th May 2019 in Azusa, Ca

Seeking Submissions from: Los Angeles

Short Film Non union

A scene from the episode 'Paper Clip' of the X Files. This is a non union student film. No Pay, but Meal/Reel/Credit. One Day of Filming

Production Company

Damian Light


Assistant Director Walter Skinner. Nice suit, glasses, maybe balding. Stocky Frame. Rebellious but Conservative and Formidable. A good boss in a sticky situation.

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Pay: Deferred

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Old Man with tons of wrinkles and a dark eerie personification of the State Department merged with the Dept of Justice. Ruler of the Executive Branch as a member of a Shadow Government. Eliminate exposure and all obstacles.

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Pay: Deferred

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Albert is an elder and medicine man in modern day Native American culture. He knows how to speak Navajo and is revered by his people and those close to him. He wears plaid and has long grey hair. He is very wise and even intimidating to the agents. CGB Spender had him and his family beaten by the military.

Ethnicity: ambiguous

Pay: Deferred

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Casting Date

May 20th 2019

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